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As the General Manager or CFO of your company, it's imperative that you protect your greatest asset - your employees. Your senior executives and key employees are at the heart of your company, so it's important that you take an interest in their financial long-term goals.


We work with businesses like yours that want to make superannuation and associated benefits a key tool in recruiting, educating and retaining your valued staff. We take the time to understand what your company is trying to achieve with your default superannuation fund, then work with you and your employees to enhance overall outcomes and financial well-being.

Where we need to consider changing your superannuation providers (although unlikely), we run a tender process that will allow management to make a decisions based on the criteria we have jointly agreed upon. Whichever path we take, we will work closely with you to establish a clearly structured and easy-to-understand superannuation plan for all employees. 

Working as personal advisers to your senior management team, we ensure they can achieve their financial goals despite the time-poor nature of their professions.


  • Member education and communication - allows employees to make informed decisions for greater financial control, builds their awareness and understanding of benefits delivered by the plan

  • Employee and employer support - we make ourselves very visible to both employees and employers through monthly site visits at most locations

  • Tailored financial planning - working closely with all employees to establish individual strategies to achieve lifestyle and financial goals

  • Employer peace of mind - wherever issues arise with the superannuation provider, we work to resolve issues in a timely manner so that you can focus on what you do best

  • Extra advantages - strong administration systems, group insurances and additional member benefits are key aspects of the service

Centenary Financial offers a service which has been honed over many years by our highly experienced advisers. You will have peace of mind knowing that protecting your employees' financial future is our priority.


With access to the best superannuation products that are tailored to your employees' current circumstances, you can rest assured that your greatest assets are protected.


We recognise the importance of safeguarding the ability to earn an income. By putting a wealth protection policy in place, you'll be protecting your employees against life's unexpected surprises.


If you're interested in protecting your employees, the next steps are simple:

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  2. One of our advisers will be in contact with you to discuss your employer superannuation needs. 


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